A Song Of Ice And Fire: Theory About The Stark’s Direwolves And Future

Potential spoiler warning. If you haven’t read the first five books. Please do not read ahead if you do not want to accidentally spoilthe story for yourself.

I’ve read some discussions about the futures of the Starks so I’m writing this post to share a few of my own theories.

First lets examine the direwolf names and their owners.

Robb’s wolf is named Grey Wind.
Sansa’s wolf is named Lady.
Arya’s wolf is named Nymeria.
Bran’s wolf is named Summer.
Rickon’s wolf is named Shaggydog.
Jon’s wollf is named Ghost.

I believe that the direwolves’ names tell us what we can expect from each person.

Robb names his wolf grey wind and it seems to fit perfectly. For those of us that have finished the first five books, we know that he was a great strategist, never defeated in battle. You could almost say he passed over westeros like a grey wind. In battle he was like an unstoppable plague overcoming any that opposed him. However, just like the wind he vanished just as quickly as he appeared.

Next we have Sansa’s wolf Lady. Lady was killed early on by Sansa’s father Eddard Stark. Her direwolf is also appropriately named for Sansa ends up spending the first five books trapped as a lady of the court. Subject to the whims of Cersei , Joffrey and Petyr Baelish.

Then we have Arya who gave her wolf the name of Nymeria. Who in the books just so happens to be the name of a warrior queen named Nymeria. From the very moment we met Arya we learned that she was more of a tom boy. In a game of thrones she receives a sword from Jon named needle and she learns how to fight with it from Syrio Forel. Also through the first five books she is currently learning how to be an assassin from the faceless men.

Now here is where it gets interesting because Jon, Bran and Rickon’s destinies are just starting to become clear. But if their direwolves names are anything to go by we can make a few educated guesses.

By the end of the fifth book Jon had been betrayed and stabbed. And his last thought was of Ghost. Based on this I’d say that Jon didn’t die, but somehow he managed to warg into his direfwolf Ghost. So in a way Jon’s ghost is actually in his direwolf which fits perfectly with his name.

Then we have the issue of Bran and his direwolf Summer. In A Game Of Thrones Bran is told the story of the last hero by old nan. And four books later it actually seems as though Bran is the knight in the story who is riding his horse(hodor) beyond the wall wtih his faithful companions. If I had to venture a guess I imagine that somehow Bran will end up sacrificing himself to end winter and bring about the summer(or perhaps a dream of spring) that everybody longs for.

Then there is Rickon’s direwolf Shaggydog. I have no idea how the name of his direwolf is entangled with his future. I’ll just say that its mentioned in the books that shaggydog and I think Rickon too has been growing more wild. Perhaps his wolf’s name has something to do with a legend or Skagos or something, I really don’t know but I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if somehow Skagos ends up playing a role in the future books. If you look on the map Skagos actually looks like a decent sized isle. Especially when you compare it to the iron isles. When you add in the fact that they haven’t participated in any of the major wars or battles in a long time(long before the current story started) I imagine they could play a big part in any battles. I think this is definitely possible since Rickon is there and he has yet to really play a part in the story yet.

So there it is. as always if you have any questions or comments feel free to share them below in the comments area.

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  • Yes, I’ve been meaning to update this article for awhile. You are 100% correct.I hope that rickon’s story is actually relevant to the plot but who knows. Davos is supposedly heading towards him right now. I’m pretty sure he’ll find him. But will he be alive or dead?

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